Is CBD Oil Legal In Illinois? Where Can We By It?

Surrounding with farmlands, forests, and wetlands, Illinois basks in the beauty of nature. Known as the “prairie land”, farmers are turning the land into valuable and productive areas capable of growing life to nourish its people.

Nonetheless, it is not surprising that it becomes home of hemp – one of the most versatile plants with a lot of benefits. This is also where the controversial and famed CBD oil is extracted from.

However, with the surrounding issues when it comes to its legality, the pressing question lies: Is CBD oil illegal in Illinois?

What is CBD Oil?

Being gifted with the abundance of nature and its fruits, Illinois cultivates different species of crops and plants, including hemp.

Hemp is part of the Cannabis sativa plant family, usually grown for industrial purposes. It is one of the major sources of fiber used in manufacturing different kinds of raw materials including textiles, paper, clothing, and biodegradable plastics in time immemorial.

Aside from being used for industrial purposes, hemp was also discovered to contain Cannabinoids, which our body also produces. This same compound is essential in maintaining our bodies in homeostasis, or state of balance.

Cannabinoids are notably important whenever we experience illness or injury that may disrupt the normal functions of our organs. They make sure that we can cope with outside factors affecting us.

Hemp produces CBD oil, which has the same properties as our own Cannabinoids. CBD oil can help our bodies to further cope and recuperate in the presence of stress or injury. CBD oil is also mixed in different products such as topicals, edibles, and even inhalants to help us intake it.

Why is CBD Illegal?

Despite the scientifically-proven benefits, it is illegal to grow and use CBD in most parts of the world. We will dig deep into it so read on.

Hemp is like a relative to the marijuana plant, which yields an addictive substance that makes people “high” and alters cognitive abilities and our minds. This “family relation” connects hemp to the same effects as marijuana, but this is total misinformation. The basis of the ban actually comes from their components – the CBD and the THC.

As mentioned, CBD aids our health. On the other hand, THC is destructive; and it does literally the opposite of the benefits of CBD. It is a psychoactive substance that alters our conscious mind since it makes us “high”. Prolonged use may cause destructive effects in our brain and our whole body.

CBD and THC are both presents in marijuana and hemp, only in different concentrations. Marijuana contains higher amounts of THC and the opposite is in CBD.

This makes CBD safe and has research-based health benefits. Studies declare that 0.3% or fewer concentrations of THC are in the safe zone, which is also the most important detail to look for in a safe CBD oil product. More of those in as you read on.

Is CBD Illegal in Illinois?

Because of these compounds and the risk of misuse, the law considers CBD as illegal. In fact, it is part of the Schedule 1 drugs list released by DEA, or the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

However, there are states in the US that finally considers it legal. The great news is that Illinois is one of the friendly states.

The Illinois Cannabis Control Act of 2014 allows the use of CBD for medical use only. It is best to check the provisions of the law to avoid being penalized. The responsible use of CBD will help us maximize its benefits.

Why Still Consider CBD Oil?

The facts surrounding the Cannabinoid compounds present in CBD oil, and its relation to our bodies’ own Cannabinoids, came from the many benefits when it comes to health.

First, it is a major stress-reliever. As opposed to psychoactive effects, it does not alter our cognitive abilities but rather relaxes it.

Another noteworthy fact is that it also stimulates the production of dopamine, known as happy hormones. Aside from helping us battle stress and anxiety, it also contains antioxidants that give us healthy and young-looking skin. In some cases, it is used to treat acne and helps relieve sunburn.

CBD oil also has anti-inflammatory effects, which helps alleviate pain. In fact, CBD oil is an effective aid for pain management.

Illnesses like chronic pain is a neuropathic disease that has no cure. Although not life-threatening in general, dealing with chronic pain significantly reduces one’s quality of life. One doesn’t have to deal with it anymore with the use of CBD oil.

Another significant health benefit of using CBD oil is to cure nervous system-related diseases such as epilepsy. The passing of the drug Epidiolex is a significant breakthrough considered as a jumpstart for CBD oil to enter the commercial pharmaceutical market. It is the first and only CBD based that is FDA-approved.

Where can I get CBD in Illinois?

It is said that the center of CBD oil sales is in Chicago. There are various shops offering CBD oil products that cater to the different preferences of intake and target cure.

Take due diligence in sourcing your CBD oil products to get the most out of our purchase. Check the proof of authenticity by looking at the source of hemp, and its COA or certificate of analysis.

The COA gives a detailed document that shows the properties and other ingredients present in a CBD oil product. This will help you identify the CBD concentrations to know its effectiveness.

Make sure that a reputable third-party laboratory gave the COA. This is particularly important when dealing with CBD oil shops online.

My Final Take

Is CBD illegal in Illinois? Well, not anymore! You can freely buy CBD oil products in Illinois for medical purposes.

It is now possible to explore the different health benefits of CBD oil when you are a resident of Illinois. Ask a reputable CBD oil seller near you to help you choose the right product for your health concern.