CBDPure Review

I made this CBDPure review in order to help you get to know more about the brand and the products that it offers. Finding authentic and pure CBD oil in a mainly unregulated market could be a tough challenge. In this review, I will provide my unbiased opinion to help you simplify your purchasing decisions.

First, let me talk about the brand itself, CBDPure, and how I came to know it.

For the past years, I’ve been using CBD oils to treat some of my chronic medical conditions. However, I’ve always had a hard time finding 100 percent synthetic-free CBD oil. One day, I was searching online for the best CBD oils available, and then I came across CBDPure.

According to its website, CBDPure offers premium cannabidiol (CBD) oil taken from certified industrial hemp produced in Colorado. The raw materials are organic, which means they were grown without undergoing any herbicide or pesticide treatments. This caught my attention.

A third-party laboratory certifies CBDPure’s products for its effectiveness and safety, which results in high-quality goods. Each bottle undergoes residual solvent testing, pesticide testing, terpene analysis, cannabinoid profiling, and microbiological screening.

Moreover, CBDPure’s products do not have THC, a chemical that causes you to feel “high” or have a psychoactive reaction. The company also abides by federal laws which makes its products legal to consume.

These facts alone may already convince you into buying their products. But wait until you hear my thoughts and experiences about them.

CBDPure Hemp Oil

CBDPure Hemp Oil

There are three available doses of the CBDPure hemp oil. Based on dosage strength, they are in 100 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg tincture bottles. Each bottle contains 60mL of hemp oil and can last up to about a month if taken as recommended.

I’ve tried all the three CBDPure hemp oil products throughout the years, and I must say that they all provided me with the same effective relief depending on what I needed at the time. They come in natural hemp flavors, which gives a better overall consumer experience.

My Personal Experience

As a quick background, I use CBD oil primarily because I have an autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s syndrome. The condition always left me with dry eyes and mouth, which is uncomfortable, to say the least. It also made me lose my appetite, made me feel nauseous quite often, and gives me muscle aches, spasms, and joint pains from time to time.

Some of my friends told me to take CBD oil to relieve these symptoms. Thinking back, I’m glad that I took their advice and I’ve been an avid CBD oil user for years now. 

When I was only beginning to use CBDPure Hemp Oil, I started with the 100mg tincture. It contains 3.3 mg of cannabidiol from natural hemp oil per serving, thus making it ideal for those who are only beginning to use CBD oil. Using this provided me with improved general health and comfort.

On the other hand, if you have used CBD oils for quite some time, then you may opt to use the 300 mg solution as it provides a higher level of effectiveness. It contains 10 mg of natural hemp cannabidiol per serving, which is about three times stronger than the 100 mg tincture.

I leveled up to this dosage after only a few weeks of using the 100 mg solution as I wanted relief for my condition, as opposed to just wanting to feel good or improving my general wellbeing.

In my case, just the recommended daily serving of the 300 mg tincture eased my chronic pains, alleviated my random anxiety attacks, and reduced a lot of unnecessary stress that I’ve gone through during those days. It also helped increase my appetite, controlled my nausea, and provided relief from my muscle and joint pains. 

I felt normal at work, but I could notice how more energized I was as compared to before. There were no overwhelming feelings of strength, a burst of energy, or any of that kind. But I definitely felt healthier, happier, and calmer every time I took the 300mg bottle.

Lastly, the 600 mg bottle caters to seasoned users and is the strongest among their bottled hemp oil products. It contains 20 mg of cannabidiol from organic hemp oil per serving, which is double the dose of cannabidiol compared to that of the 300 mg tincture.

This is what I’m using right now, and it has provided me with relief that I’m thankful for every single day. My appetite continues to improve, and my pains and nausea have been delimited. Using the 600 mg allows me to perform at my top condition every day.

CBDPure Hemp Oil Dosages

Indeed, CBDPure Hemp oil is effective in relieving pain and other illnesses. My experience is a testament to this. However, it should be noted that the differences in dose matters. The lower dose such as the 100mg and 300mg do not offer the same potency as that of the 600mg. As such, its effect may be limited in terms of alleviating relief from illnesses.

After testing out the different doses, here is what I observed from the potency of each dose:

  • 100 mg Tincture
    • CBDPure’s 100 mg hemp oil extract is actually recommended as a dietary supplement, but it can also be consumed to manage some illnesses.
    • It contains the smallest amount of cannabidiol, making it the ideal dose to take if you are just starting with CBD products.
    • It is ideal in alleviating minor chronic pain, inflammation, mild headaches, or light to moderate nausea
  • 300 mg Tincture
    • It provides total relief from my illness, thus helping me function properly throughout the day without any impediments.
    • Although it contains a higher dose of cannabidiol, it doesn’t give you the feeling of getting high.
    • In my case, it worked in alleviating more intense pain, mild anxiety, and sleep issues
  • 600 mg Tincture
    • It has the highest dose of cannabidiol, but it still doesn’t give the feeling of a psychedelic high.
    • It works wonders for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and chronic inflammation.

How to Use It

The method of consuming all three hemp oil solutions is basically the same. Each bottle comes with a dropper that is built-in with the cap.

What you do is you squeeze the dropper and fill it up about halfway through. Drop the solution under your tongue and let it sit there for about a minute, more or less, until it dissolves.

When it comes to the taste, the CBDPure hemp oil solutions are better than most of the brands I’ve tried before as they essentially taste like oil. It means that they don’t taste as bad as the ones I’ve had before, so they are easier to take.

There is basically no flavor, but you do get to notice some herbal essence as an aftertaste. I just drink some water afterward, and the taste disappears completely.

At the moment, I take one to two dosages per day depending on how I felt. Usually, a single dosage is enough for me to feel good throughout the whole day. There is no overdose of this product, but it is still best to consume within the recommended limits of half a dropper per day.


I definitely recommend this product for people who want to use it as a relief for their chronic medical conditions. Start with the 100 mg tincture first, then work your way up to the 600 mg solution.

For people who just want to use it as a dietary supplement or a feel-good potion, then I suggest taking the 100 mg bottle.

CBDPure Softgels

CBDPure Softgels

CBDPure also offers soft gels or capsules aside from their liquid or oil products. These CBDPure Softgels are the latest ones introduced by the company. The strongest they have so far, these soft gels offer 750 mg of hemp extract in each capsule.

These soft gels are said to be developed for people who want a much higher dose of CBD oil. Each easy-to-swallow soft gel or capsule gives 25 mg of cannabidiol from organic hemp oil. A bottle comes with 30 soft gels.

My Personal Experience With the CBDPure Softgels

I’ve tried these soft gels as well, and they basically gave me the same relief as the tinctures. However, some of the advantages I’ve experienced with soft gels are:

  • They taste absolutely nothing. There is no herbal aftertaste or a natural hemp flavor like that in the tincture.
  • The effects are slightly longer with the soft gels than the tincture. I usually only have to take one capsule a day instead of two dosages with the liquid solution.
  • I can carry these things around easily. I usually bring what I need for the week and put them in a small container inside my pocket.
  • I can casually take them in public like any other medicine or pill. With the tincture, I typically have to explain what I was taking every time someone sees me.

How to Use It

Just take one or two CBD capsules per day depending on your preference. For me, one soft gel is always enough.


Another quality product from CBDPure, these soft gels are recommended for users who are always on the go. Having the ability to carry only a few that you would use while traveling is much better than bringing a whole bottle with you.

Also, this stronger form of CBD oil is recommended for people who are treating medical conditions and not for those who only want to use them casually.


CBDPet Hemp Oil

CBDPet products are manufactured specifically for pets. They also come from organically grown hemp in Colorado that are herbicide and pesticide-free.

They provide the same relief on your animals, such as cats and dogs, as they have on humans. And also without the psychoactive effects. At the moment, they are only available in 100 mg extract bottles, which like the regular 100 mg CBDPure tincture contains 3.3 mg of cannabidiol per serving.

Like any other CBDPure product, CBDPet tinctures also go through the same extensive process conducted by a third-party laboratory. This way, each product guarantees the absence of toxic chemicals or pathogens that may hurt your pets.

My Personal Experience With CBDPet

Since I’m an avid user of CBD oil, it should not be a surprise that I’ve also tried giving them to my pets as well.

One of my dogs, a three-year-old rescued Golden Retriever named Marlon, suffered severe physical trauma in the past. You could clearly see its consequences by the way he behaved.

I’ve tried a lot of ways to help Marlon relieve his anxiety and pain, but not until I came across CBDPet that his condition began to improve. Now, he has become quite calm and can interact with other dogs without any hint of aggression.

How to Use it

CBDPet bottles also come with a built-in dropper in their caps. You use the droppers the same way, squeeze and fill it halfway then drop under the tongue.

Also the same with the regular hemp oil for humans, it is recommended to give your pets only a half dropper of oil per day. Even less for smaller or more sensitive breeds will already suffice.

For larger breeds, you could increase the dosage to two half droppers of oil per day. Carefully observe the effects on your pets then adjust accordingly.


I recommend CBDPet for pet owners who want to help their pets alleviate their medical conditions. Like us, dogs and cats also take the toll of old age, depression, and other chronic illnesses. And they could also benefit from CBD oil if we allow them to take the right dosages.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this CBDPure review. As a brand, CBDPure is one of the most trusted in the market today. Proudly American-made, they make sure that all their products are effective and safe to use.

Each product has a specific lot number, which you, as a buyer, could use to check its test results online. It does not get any better than that.

When it comes to the price, they are quite affordable, especially for the quality of the product you will receive.

CBDPure products are available online on their official website. They come with a 90-day money back guarantee. Moreover, the company also offers discounts on bulk orders. Aside from this, it’s also worth noting that some related websites provide coupon codes, thus letting you save more in your purchases.