No doubt, CBD is one of the most sough-after alternative medication in the world. With that in mind, it is vital to distinguish the best of the best when it comes to buying quality CBD products.

I had the opportunity to test CBD Essence products myself after a friend recommended the brand to me. And as always, let me walk you through with my honest to goodness review about the product.

About CBD Essence

Established in 2015, CBD Essence is one of those brands that resulted after decades of research about cannabidiol and other helpful cannabinoids. Don Ballou founded it under the NutraHemp Group.

During those three decades, Don was in search of a cure for his own medical conditions. He suffered from symptoms of ADHD such as anxiety, depression, and aggression.

He discovered that the existing manufacturers at that time use low-quality technology to extract CBD from the plant. The result alarmed him, which led him in the creation of CBD Essence.

The company ensures high-quality CBD products that are full spectrum. The non-GMO CBD oils are made from organic ingredients and tested by third-party laboratories.

CBD Essence Product Review

The company offers a wide variety of CBD products. Let’s check each and see if this product is something you may want to try in the future.

CBD Hemp Tinctures

CBD Essence boasts of its tincture as its top-selling product in the rack. It comes in 1-oz bottle with 300 mg of CBD concentration and 2-oz bottle with 600 mg.

According to the website, their products only have 0.3% THC. Aside from CBD, the tinctures have stevia, sunflower lecithin, and organic hemp seed oil.

How to Take CBD Tinctures

For best results, you may want to take it sublingually, holding the oil from one to two minutes. The longer, the better. If you’re new to CBD, you can try holding it for 30 seconds the least.


The CBD tinctures are on sale, so you may want to grab the chance of getting one now. I’d say the price is reasonable, given the quality you will get.


As their flagship product, I’d say that the CBD Essence tincture deserves the spotlight. I like the thought that you get the edible oil fresh because it’s produced within 24 hours of shipment.

CBD tinctures have a distinct taste so if you are new to it, you may find this product’s taste unique. It actually took me more than a week to get used to it when I started.

Overall, I’d say the CBD Essence Hemp Tinctures are the best bang for the buck. You’d surely get what you expect and more.

CBD Pills Hemp Oil Capsules

The manufacturer makes sure that their high standards resonate in all of their products. The CBD capsules go through a strict set of colloidal emulsions to ensure maximum absorption.

Furthermore, CBD Essence boasts to have refined their full-spectrum formula for over three years.

How to Take CBD Hemp Capsules

CBD hemp capsules are popular among users because of its portability. It fits your purse so you can take it along with you in your workplace, in pleasure trips, or your daily commute.

Have your stash ready wherever you are, even while stuck in traffic.Take your CBD hemp capsules with water which will make it easy to swallow.

I personally take a capsule in the morning before I brush my teeth. I take another one before bedtime, so that I won’t forget.

I also take it during the same time every day. I recommend that you do it consistently as well to further maximize its absorption in your body.


Most bottles of CBD hemp capsules contain 30 capsules. A dose of once a day can then suffice you to make it last for a month.

CBD Essence runs special promos from time to time, so it is best to get more during these seasons.  Sometimes, hoarding is fun.


I personally find CBD hemp capsules a must have in my CBD regimen. I cannot live on it alone as I still prefer the potency of CBD oil. But since it is portable, I prefer this to take with me during business trips or vacations.

I also like that it is stomach-friendly unlike the other CBD hemp capsules I tried before. I agree about the product having the highest absorption since 1-2 capsules a day is enough for me to find relief.

It is the only medication I take in lately, I must say it does give me a good night sleep every day. Overall, its portability and just the right potency makes it viable for me.

CBD Hemp Oil Candy Edibles

CBD hemp oil candy edibles are tasty treats infused with highest concentrations of CBD oil. It also has an added peppermint oil for added benefits.

The candies can relieve discomfort and pain, particularly for people with digestive issues and respiratory problems.

Hemp taffy is carefully formulated to have the highest absorption rates. This formula makes it potent and helps the body to easily feel its effects.

You are assured that it is only infused with food-grade CBD oil that is a product of sustainable hemp-farming practices.

How to Take CBD Hemp Oil Candy Edibles

CBD candy is a tasty alternative to your usual CBD oil, capsules, or tinctures. Since it is in a taffy form, you can easily take it in wherever you are, with or without water. Just chew and you’re good to go!


The price of CBD oil taffiesis reasonable. Itis one of the most popular alternatives to the usual CBD-derived products.

It also comes in different flavors: mint, chocolate, chocolate mint, and orange mint. Because of its price point, you can easily try everything and then stock on your favorites.


Aside from capsules, CBD hemp oil taffies are also portable, which appeals to me well. It has a variety of flavors to choose from, so it is easy for me to taste a different flavor depending on my mood.

Aside from the exciting flavors, the infused oils also provide a therapeutic effect on me, particularly the peppermint oil.

CBD hemp oil candy edibles are staples in my bag and home. I can easily keep a stash in my cupboard for instant CBD fix.

But if you have kids at home, please, I do not recommend doing that. To stay on the safe side, do not allow children to take any CBD yet.

Lifestyle All-Purpose Lotion

CBD topicals are popular instant pain relief remedies for people on-the-go. These are people who are in constant need of rubs to soothe muscle and joint pains instantly so they do not lax on their jobs.

This salve is specially-formulated for the skin to absorb easily. It provides fast-acting and aggressive relief.

Moreover, it also doesn’t have a smell that leaves you or the others annoyed to. It is also non-greasy, non-irritating, and moisturizes the skin while giving pain relief.

How to Take Lifestyle All-Purpose Lotion

Just rub a small amount on the pained area to provide instant relief. It is best to rub while doing some circular motion for faster absorption.

Also, you can use the all-purpose lotion during a massage session to target pained muscles deeply.


A decent 2-oz bottle can take you a long way given its easy absorption and fast relief effects. With this, it is considered one of the most practical CBD products to purchase, especially if your purpose of using it is for chronic muscle pain relief.


I travel a lot for work and for pleasure, so I sometimes experience pains in my legs during hikes and long transits. This is a great on-the-go product for a busy person like me.

I also remember a friend who had a hamstring issue while playing basketball. He rubbed the CBD lotion in the affected area. It relieved him while waiting for the medics to arrive.

I highly recommend this product to people who undergo physically-demanding tasks for faster (and almost instant) relief. Athletes and old people, who find everyday tasks physically-burning, would definitely benefit from this.


Who would have thought that CBD oil can be infused on lifestyle products like vapes? Vapes use e-liquid to create smoke mimicking the effects of cigarette.

Using a vaporizer, you can easily ingest in CBD in the form of vapor. The manufacturer claims to only use food-grade CBD oil, which guarantees safety use.

How to Take CBD Oil Vape E-liquid

You can purchase a starter kit, which includes a vaporizer and 10ml e-liquid. An ml of e-liquid produces about 200 puffs. Use as you would use your ordinary vaporizer.

Ease your stress while giving you therapeutic effects with CBD Vape oil. Since it only has less than 0.03% THC, you don’t need to worry about getting high.


Getting a starter kit is your most practical purchase. It already comes with a vaporizer pre-filled with 1 ml e-liquid (which instantly gives you 200 puffs right away).

To give you constant stress reliever on the go, carry with you the included 10ml e-liquid for uninterrupted vaping sessions wherever you are. It’s like a “vape fix and chill” kind of stuff.


I had bouts of depression recently after being engaged in a failed startup. I used to be a heavy smoker and moments like this push me to resort to drinking and cigarette smoking.

While I vowed myself to change into a healthier lifestyle, I decided to try vaping and I never looked back. I find it thrilling having a CBD vape liquid available in the market.

It instantly relaxes me only after a few puffs. I always have a CBD e-liquid with my vape pen all the time. This brand is something you may surely want to use more often as I do.

CBD Essence for Pets (Hemp Oil Dog Lick)

Hemp Oil Dog Lick is an innovative alternative for your pets to receive medical care. No need to worry and cause more stress to your furry friends.

It is a great alternative treatment since it is non-invasive. Yes, your pets do not need to fear needles. This is also perfect for pets who cannot take edibles like dog biscuits.

How to Take Hemp Oil Dog Lick

Pour a small amount on your palms and emulate your dog to lick them. You can also opt to massage it in their gums for faster intake.

Just a few drops of hemp oil dog lick is enough to help your pet be relieved of debilitating symptoms.


Your pets do not deserve anything less, especially in the health department. Give them the best of what CBD can offer with hemp oil dog lick.

The product has a competitive price, especially with a lot of benefits it can give to your furry friends and even to you.

Relieving them of the pain they could not verbally communicate is your personal relief. That’s what makes it an excellent buy for pet owners and even veterinarians alike.


A friend decided to give this a try after his 8-year old Corgi went through a stomach surgery. The poor dog was in excruciating pain and was very eager to move around right away (he is a playful girl before the surgery).

Eager to find immediate relief, my friend tried the Hemp Oil Dog Lick. After a few days, his baby girl is up and running again.

The healing process is quite impressive, too. It was actually quicker than I was expecting!

They also offer CBD Dog Biscuits that you could give your fur babies. I like how affordable they are, too.

FAQs About CBD Essence

Where Do They Get Their CBD?

The CBD oil comes from no less than organic CBD, grown and farmed using sustainable practices that adhere to the 2018 Hemp Farming Act.

The hemp products have the lowest THC concentrations, which makes it non-psychoactive and guarantees not to give a high sensation. Expect only medical grade CBD oils and products from CBD Essence.

What Can I Get from Their CBD Products?

They offer a wide range of CBD products that cater to most types of people with different preferences and needs. Using only organic ingredients infused to the CBD oils gives its users a gamut of value-added benefits for holistic health.

The products undergo only the most tedious processes to make sure you get maximized benefits from pure CBD.

What to Look for in the Best CBD Products?

Although there are only a number of states where CBD is legal, the market bustles with a lot of companies that sell CBD products. With this, it is best to take due diligence in choosing the right company to deal with for you to get your money’s worth.

Here’s the list of the things you should look for in an excellent CBD product:

  • Certificate of Analysis

The Certificate of Analysis, or COA, ensures that the product meets its quality specifications. The results are taken from Quality Assurance methods that test the product for specifications unique to the type of product. In the case of CBD oil, CoA also lists down its ingredients, like cannabinoid concentrations and other compounds.

  • THC concentration

The product must only contain 0.3% tetrahydrocannabidiol, or THC, concentration, or less, in order to be considered safe for medical use.

  • List of ingredients

This will help the user to determine other active ingredients present in the product for allergy considerations.

  • Positive reviews

Not all online positive reviews are legitimate so it is best to research well on this. The best recommendations come from peers who personally attested to the product.

What Will I Benefit from Taking CBD Products?

CBD Essence complies to the processes emulated by the law involving CBD. One can also expect that it follows the strictest and quality assurance processes to ensure the users that they only take CBD safely and effectively.

CBD oils and by-products give a lot of benefits. Users and even medical professionals confirm this – backed by clinical studies. These are, but not limited to:

  • Anxiety relief
  • Chronic and regular pain management
  • Alleviation of cancer symptoms
  • Multiple Sclerosis symptoms relief
  • Pet Health Care
  • Relief from digestive issues

Getting your CBD products from CBD Essence guarantees maximized benefits without the pocket-wrenching price tag.


With the number of options when it comes to CBD products, I find it a huge plus point to deal with CBD Essence. Their ample selection of products makes it a one-stop-shop for me.

It gives me not only my daily dose of CBD but also the ease in accessing it on a regular basis. Different products cater to different lifestyles, and I’m glad that CBD Essence products can take me in wherever I am in my CBD journey.

My personal favorite is the CBD oil. I use CBD for years now and CBD Essence’s potency and effectivity are highly commendable.

I consider the hemp oil capsules a must-have when I travel. The candies and edibles are regular stashes in my cupboard for instant CBD fix when I need and feel to.

On days when you need relief from muscle pains because of work or hobbies, having a bottle of CBD all-purpose lotion on hand provides immediate relief. One bottle goes a long way for me so it is the one I find to have the most value for money.

If you are looking for mid-priced but definitely credible CBD products, you may want to try CBD Essence.